The day is coming to an end            “ENDING A SYSTEMS LIFE CYCLE”

As the sun sets most days there is usually unfinished business to be done.  We carry out some of the day’s goals and objectives but there’s not always enough time to complete them all.  Often times we work up to the last light of day to get things done.  However, like the daylight, systems use will expire and need to be replaced.

Most people will get to the end of a systems use without plans to properly dispose of the hardware and proprietary data that resides in the software or storage components.  Similar to designing and engineering requirements, there has to be a strategy for disposal and sanitation of computers.

If you don’t have someone who fully understands all of your hardware and software components, it’s likely your proprietary data is at risk.  Additionally, transitioning from a legacy systems architecture requires lots of planning and verification before destroying or releasing those resources. 

Not everyone is well-trained in systems migration and end-of-lifecycle expertise, we have years of knowledge in making sure your data will be controlled, destroyed, or migrated properly.