The beginning of a new day

                   “AT SUNRISE”

The best time to start your day is usually around sunrise.  It provides the best timing for conducting business with customers during their core work hours (e.g., scheduling fully attended meetings, interfacing with key staff, etc.).  CyberSecurity engineering and support follows a similar pattern of engagement, the earlier the better.

It’s better to build a complete team of stakeholders in the design phase of a systems engineering life-cycle.  Security professionals have the most beneficial impact when they are engaged early in a systems development (e.g., at conception, or requirements development).  The cost impacts increase with each phase of a new systems development effort, which usually consist of up to six phases.  Once a system is deployed and operational, the cost associated with providing effective security changes are at their most expensive level.  

Early efforts to build the right group of experts to identify your organization’s critical assets and protection requirements can save a lot of money later.